Recycling materials are one of the best ways we can preserve the environment that we live in. not only that it reduces the waste but it also saves the landfills from overfilling. The majority of the materials that we recycle, we gather from other businesses. That is because businesses produce a much larger amount of waste materials than a regular household. It is important to recycle the waste materials of a company because depending on what kind of waste materials are wasted, they can turn it into a profit.

We are Recycling Glass Bottles

If you happened to have a larger amount of glass or glass bottles laying around, we will be more than happy to take it from you and recycle it. If you don’t know anything about glass recycling, here are some fun facts about it.

The glass is a material that can be recycled a 100 %, it does not have a limit how many times it can be recycled. More importantly, it doesn’t lose its quality or purity after a recycling process it will retain the quality. It is made out of materials that are easily available like sand, limestone, soda ash, and cullet. Manufacturers then mix all those materials together and heat them up to around 2800 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s how they get the raw glass which is later shaped and designed into the desired form.

Recycling businesses like us can benefit from recycled glass because if it is added to the mix of the materials needed to make pure glass, it will reduce the energy that is required for it to produce. Also, it is beneficial to the environment because the furnaces don’t have to burn so much energy to produce pure glass. Sorting the glass bottles by their color is important for us because don’t want to mix different colored glasses together. That would have a bad result, by sorting them we can meet the standard that is required by the customer. To save energy and money, glass bottles over the past 30 years were reduced in weight by around 40 %.

As mentioned before businesses that are working with glass bottles are the main source for the recycling process. However, curbside pickup of glass can generate huge amounts of material too. But the problem with the curbside pickup is that we need to separate things like the glass bottles for alcohol drink and glass items from the other trash.